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Payment Methods

Card, paypal, bizum, transfer, cash on delivery and much more


We configure it to suit you, to avoid headaches

Internal SEO

So that Google recognizes the content well and rises positions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee | Pandemic discount.

If you offer a great experience, customers tell each other. Word of mouth is very powerful.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

All forms of payment.

Receive reservations 24 hours a day!

redsys: Spain
stripe: 46 countries
Square: UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia ...
paypal: All the world
PayU: Latam
Authorize.Net: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia
2checkout: Everyone
credit mutual: France and Canada

¿Qué incluye el diseño de tienda online?

Online store design configurada.
⦁ SEO siguiendo directrices de Google.
⦁ Compra fácil y sin distracciones.
⦁ Diseño enfocado en vender más.
⦁ Varios idiomas y monedas.
⦁ Pagos por tarjeta, paypal, google pay, etc.
⦁ Genera y envía facturas automáticas.
⦁ Notificaciones de logística (con enlace directo).
⦁ Conexión a Google Analytics y Search Console
⦁ De tu propiedad para siempre.

Shopping experience.

Example of a fashion online store.

User experience (UX)

⦁ Al diseñar tu tienda online la preparamos para una excelente experiencia de compra, para que tus clientes compren cómodamente.
⦁ Organizamos la información con claridad usando los elementos necesarios para crear un impacto visual.
⦁ El proceso de compra es rápido, fácil y libre de distracciones ¡comprarán más veces y además te recomendarán!

Product page

⦁ El proceso de compra es rápido, fácil y libre de distracciones ¡comprarán más veces y además te recomendarán!

The little car

⦁ Al añadir un producto al carrito, se abre automáticamente, mostrando el boton directo para finalizar la compra, sin más distracciones, y si el cliente quiere desea seguir comprando, se cerrará automáticamente a los pocos segundos de ignorarlo.

Shopping experience

⦁ Somos expertos en conseguir la mejor experiencia de compra, para conseguirlo disponemos de varios equipos: * Copywriters: dedicados a atraer clientes + conversiones. * UX writers: dedicados a la facilidad, claridad de servicio/producto (experiencia de usuario).

Google Shopping.

Google merchant center.

⦁ Integración de todos los productos de tu tienda online con Google Merchant Center.

google shopping

Automatic billing.

They save you work.

automatic billing

We can configure the online store to generate invoices automatically and send them to your client, saving you a lot of work.

Example of automatic invoice (pdf).

online store invoice

Fast charge.

Faster loading happier buyers more sales more profitability

⦁ Si tu tienda online es lenta: Tus posibles clientes se marcharán a otra web, perdiendo clientes, ventas, inversión publicitaria, etc. Por cada segundo de retraso en la carga, la tasa de rebote va en aumento (usuarios que se marchan).

⦁ Para que tu tienda online sea rápida: Tu web la realizaremos con una optimización extrema, código limpio, compresión de imágenes, optimización y configuración del servidor a la medida de tu web, ¡y más factores de optimización de carga!

Landing page speed can make the difference between winning or losing customers.

⦁ Nuestra tienda online de gafas, carga sólo 0.8 segundos (ver test de: gtmetrix).

online store loading speed


Online store + SEO + unique design

Ready to Receive Orders
  • Unlimited Products and Categories
  • Automatic and / or manual billing, and automatically send them in pdf
  • Allows you to print an excel list with all the invoices of the previous month to send it to the tax consultancy
  • Easy and intuitive management of orders and statistics to analyze the evolution of sales
  • You will receive an e-mail with each new order that you receive and the client sees a confirmation on the screen and receives a notification by e-mail
  • Product catalog with stock control and various attributes (sizes, colors, etc ...). Products with photos and / or videos
  • Configurations of shipping zones, different prices for each province, through one or more transport agencies
  • Payment methods: credit or debit card, paypal, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and more
  • Modern and intuitive design following the aesthetic trends of companies related to your activity, or with the design to your liking
  • Fully compatible on mobile phones and tablets
  • Floating WhatsApp button with direct access to your personal or company WhatsApp
  • Personalized map of your business
  • Contact or budget form
  • Mandatory cookie message and legislative texts: privacy policy, cookie policy and conditions of sale
  • SSL certificate (secure and private web https, protects data in circulation)
  • Accommodation in ultra-fast SSD disks and daily backup + Domain .com .net or .es
  • Opinions, geolocation of local store, ... And many more functions!
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Web design online store.

web online store

100% online store custom configured + Internal SEO + Attractive design + Satisfaction guarantee.

Why we?

 Internal SEO: We perform an optimization of the category pages and the products, applying the latest SEO factors.

 Unlimited functionality: calculate surfaces, products with variations, etc. we carry out any functionality.

 Stress free: We configure the online store and deliver it to you ready to start receiving orders. 

 Honesty: We will give you the advice that we consider most profitable for your business. 

 No small print: everything you read is what we offer, no asterisks with nasty surprises.

 Flexibility: property or rental.

 We help you: When you have questions or need help, we will be here for you.

Security: We prepare everything for you complying with the PCI DSS standard for card payments.

Get your online store with powerful SEO.

How to order online.

Delivery term: 5-10 days, depending on the complexity and fluidity with which you send us the content.


Tell us how many products and all the functions you need on the web and we will calculate the price for you.
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We started

If you accept it, you will have to make the payment of the 50% and we will immediately start creating your e-store.
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You send us photos, product descriptions, etc. You can indicate several online stores that you like. * We make unlimited modifications until your total satisfaction.
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Once satisfied: final payment (remaining 50%) and we deliver it to you finished and configured (ready to receive orders), and we install it on your hosting.

Satisfaction guarantee.

Unlimited reviews until your complete satisfaction.

guarantee web design

✔ Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, you can ask us for all the revisions you consider until completion (unlimited changes until your total satisfaction).

✔ If you tell us your ideas, we transform them into an easy website for your clients

Why do we offer you satisfaction guarantee?

Why if we do: 

  1. You will grow your business.
  2. You will speak well of us.
  3. You will ask for more services.
✔ TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Clear prices, easy to understand and with everything included.

Frequently asked questions (online store).

La tienda online es una plataforma para la venta de productos o servicios, abierta 24 horas al día, donde los clientes puede realizar pedidos y pagarlos con cualquier modo de pago online. 

The online store design lo realizamos a su medida, y nosotros nos llevamos todo el trabajo duro, usted simplemente debe indicarnos que contenido quiere, y realizaremos una tienda online adecuada para su sector.

  • We have everything very optimized and we reduce service costs to the maximum.
  • Our teams of specialists avoid having a workplace with high rents.
  • We like to offer powerful services for passionate small businesses on a budget.
  • We enjoy our time doing what we do, and we don't mind giving a little more, for less.
  • We are passionate experts.

From the moment you confirm the order until we deliver the online store configured and ready, it takes between 5 and 10 business days, normally we are fast, this period may be altered depending on the fluidity with which you send us the content and the revisions that you request. .


If you decide to choose your design, you can tell us 2 or 3 websites with the design you want, with these references and your instructions we will make your design to measure.


You can indicate us a list explained in your words, what specific functions you want the online store to perform.

We leave the online store ready for you so that it is very easy for you to manage orders, fully configured, and also if you prefer to do it yourself, we will explain how to modify your product files.

We can calculate a monthly plan for you with everything included, contact us and we will be happy to calculate a plan and explain it to you, so you can decide better.

WordPress, we use the most efficient system for SEO optimization with the best and most advanced tools, in addition to the extraordinary potential to implement any functionality, it is a design of online store with woocommerce.

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