Hotel Booking Engine.

More direct reservations for: hotels, rural houses and apartments.

Do you want to save commissions and receive more reservations? now it's easier than ever:

◼ Booking engine configured + web conversions.
◼ Direct reservations.
 0% commissions forever.
◼ Local SEO of your population without limits.
◼ Easy booking | Intuitive administration.
Payments: card, paypal, transfer and more.
Infinite rate settings
Synchronization: booking, expedia, agoda and more.
◼ Connection with your channel manager (optional).
Translation into any language.
◼ Your property or personalized monthly plan.

All channels synced.

 If a guest reserves for some dates in an OTA (expedia, booking, airbnb, agoda, etc.), the reservation engine will block those dates.

 If a direct reservation arrives (to the reservation engine), when the OTAs check availability for iCal, they will block those reserved dates, avoiding double reservations.

 This booking engine can synchronize the availability of dates without a channel manager, through iCal connection. If your accommodation has more needs like p. ex. synchronize prices, etc. we can connect the booking engine to channel manager of your choice.

booking engine timing

How to save commissions from other channels?
Distribute promotional discounts. To the guests who come to you through another channel, you could offer some incentive: breakfast, wifi, etc. in exchange for the next reservation being made in your own reservation engine.

More reservations, less commissions.

Faster website happier guests mmore reservations more profitability.

How will I get more reservations?

 Local SEO without limits, to upload on Google.
◼ Conversion-oriented design.
 Going out on Google hotels.
 Encouraging guests.

 Increase reservations direct appearing in the price comparator of google hotels

google hotels

SEO optimization without limitations

Local SEO so that Google detects your accommodation and population and positions it correctly.
Internal SEO to facilitate the reading of the content to the Google search algorithm.
 External SEO to keep going up.
 SEO of translations, to move up positions in more countries.
 Without the typical limitations of the other booking engine.

Secure online payments.

Receive reservations from your website with an integrated booking engine 24 hours a day.

All the world.

Many countries.


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

UK, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Many countries.

Many countries.

France and Canada.

Belgium, Holland, Finland, Austria, Germany, Poland, ...

and many more.

Booking engine demo.

◼ Simple booking management
◼ Notifications for you and your guests.
 Charge the reservation directly.
 Add reservations manually.
All the functionality that your accommodation needs.

booking engine for hotels
booking engine administration

 Control panel: allows you to configure everything you need.

 Demonstration for you to check how easy and fast it is to book, we customize the design, add many more elements, and perform a powerful SEO optimization.

  1. Enter the web
  2. Make a reservation.
  3. Put your email and you will receive a confirmation.
  4. Use the VISA test card: 4242 4242 4242 4242 | Expiration: any next month | CVC: 3 random digits

General functions of the booking engine.

◼ 0% commissions forever.
◼ Booking management with intuitive interface in visual calendar.
◼ Synchronization availability with Booking, Expedia, etc.
◼ Configuration tariffs: weekend, holidays, seasons etc. charge for additional person, refundable, non-refundable, etc.
◼ Additional features: parking, wifi, washing machine, etc.
◼ Notifications for the guest and the administrator.
◼ Payment Methods: card, paypal, transfer, google / apple pay.
◼ Compatible card payment gateways in Europe and America.
◼ Full, partial payment (deposit), pre-authorization or no payment.

Detailed functions.

Perfectly integrated booking engine design.
 Very easy booking process from finding accommodation to confirming the reservation
 Offer additional services to your customers that can be added to your reservation
◼ Let them choose the way they pay: you can enable different payment options (deposit or total amount) and different payment methods: online (by credit card, PayPal) or offline (bank transfer, on arrival ...)
◼ Clear pricing - build confidence by showing your guests a breakdown of all prices, including fees

 Complex prices are possible thanks to our advanced reservation rules system that allows you to set all kinds of prices.
 Offer discounts when the reservation meets the criteria you have established (eg: longer stay, specific season, etc.)
 Give out "vouchers" to reward your returning customers or to give members or family members a discount.
 Set rates that will be automatically added to the reservation (tax system in your country).
 Security deposit: request a security deposit for possible damages.
 Charge and reimburse your customers: With Stripe, you can store your credit card details and collect or reimburse your guests directly from the admin panel.

Show reservation forms, availability calendars or rate tables anywhere on the web.
◼ Customizable booking form to choose which customer details you want to collect.
◼ Customizable text: any text can be easily changed.
◼ Multi language.
◼ Administration panel in: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, Portuguese ...
◼ Link Accommodation: Automatically locks one accommodation when another is reserved. Very useful when you want to offer an apartment by rooms or complete.
◼ Preparation time: useful when you need some time to prepare the accommodation before welcoming the guest.

Calendar view to view all reservations.
◼ List of reservations in a table to see details of all reservations, add comments, edit information ...
◼ Manage your reservations thanks to the confirmation, cancellation and elimination actions. Send emails and issue invoices to your guests.
◼ Automatic price update: does a guest want to update, stay longer or add guests? Automatically recalculate price.
◼ Issue invoices: generates invoices that can be printed directly from the reservation list
◼ Synchronize your reservations with websites like AirBnB, Google Cal, Homeaway, VRBO,, etc. thanks to the iCal synchronization function.
◼ Export your reservations to CSV files (for Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc ...)
◼ Automatic emails: notification to the client and the administrator about a new reservation, reservation confirmation, reservation cancellation.

Booking engine price.

Complete pack: booking engine configured + Local SEO + Conversion-oriented design + OTAs availability synchronization (no commissions forever).

*Get it on property or rent.

Room pages

  • Page for each room

    Room page with image gallery, descriptive icons, etc.

  • Retouching images

    Retouching of room images or cover: white background, resize, compress, cut, improvements, etc.


  • Automatic translation

    Automatic translation by Google API translator into one or more languages.

  • Manual translation

    Professional translation of the entire website by native translators to any language: English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese ... (the price will be according to quantity of content and languages)

  • SEO optimized translation

    Different URLs for each language. Translation of images with texts (allows to change the image in each language). Inclusion of translated URLs in the sitemap (sitemaps).

Powerful SEO.

  • SEO audit
  • Internal SEO

    It includes the following SEO factors: xml map, 301 redirects, loading speed, h1, h2 tags, internal linking, alt images, friendly urls, rich snippets, gzip compression, Local SEO factors ... and many more factors.

  • External SEO

    Monthly plan tailored to your website, difficulty of key phrases and competition.

  • SEO content

    Reedition of the content of your website optimizing it for the selected key phrases.

  • SEO content creation

    SEO optimized content creation, for the key phrases we have studied and agreed (price according to the amount of content, frequency of publication and degree of specialization).

Why we?

 Powerful local SEO: We perform advanced SEO optimization on the city of your accommodation.

 Unlimited functionality: We design websites compatible with any functionality you need.

 Stress free: We configure the booking engine and deliver it to you, working with the configuration you need.

 Honesty: We will give you the advice that we consider most profitable for your business. 

 Without small print: everything you read is what we offer, without asterisks with unpleasant surprises.

 Flexibility: property or rent.

 We help you: When you have questions or need help, we will be available for you here.

Security: We prepare everything for you complying with the PCI DSS card payment standard.

Get your direct booking engine.

How to order online.

Delivery term: 5-10 days (the fluency with which you send us the content and the changes you request will depend).



Tell us the types of rooms, quantity and functions you have in mind, and we will calculate the price.


We start

If you accept it, you will have to pay the 50% and we immediately start creating your booking engine.
You can indicate several hotel websites that you like.



You send us photos, descriptions of the rooms, the tourist area, services you want to highlight, etc. * We make modifications unlimited until your total satisfaction.



Once satisfied: final payment (remaining 50%), we deliver it to you finished and configured (ready to receive reservations).

Satisfaction guarantee.

Unlimited revisions until your total satisfaction.

web design guarantee

◼ Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, you can ask us for all the revisions you consider until completion (unlimited changes until your total satisfaction).

If you tell us your ideas, we transform them into an easy website for your clients

Why we offer satisfaction guarantee?

Because if we do it: 

  1. You will speak well of us.
  2. You will repeat.
  3. You will ask for more services.
  4. You will bring us new customers.
  5. And the most important: you will grow your business.
* No strings attached: The domain is in your name and the accommodation is freely chosen.
With us you have guaranteed: satisfaction, honesty and transparency

Frequently asked questions (booking engine).

  • We have everything very optimized and reduce service costs to the maximum.
  • Our teams of specialists avoid having a workplace with high rents.
  • We like to offer powerful services for passionate small businesses that have a tight budget.
  • We enjoy our time doing what we do, and we don't mind giving a little more, for less.
  • We are passionate experts.

From the moment you confirm the order until we deliver the configured and ready booking engine, it takes between 5 and 10 business days, we are usually fast, this period may be changed depending on the fluency with which you send us the content and the reviews that we receive. ask.


If you decide to choose your design, you can tell us 2 or 3 reservation websites with the design you want, with these references and your instructions we will make your design to measure.


You can tell us with your words, a list of the price settings per room you need and we make the complete configuration of your booking engine.

The room management interface is simple and intuitive.

Of course! Contact us and we will give you access so you can see the administration panel and make trial reservations.

We can calculate a monthly plan for you with everything included, contact us and we will be happy to calculate it and explain it to you, so you can decide better.

We make the booking engine in WordPress (latest versions), it is the most efficient system for optimization Local SEO, in addition to the extraordinary potential to implement any functionality you need.

The synchronization it allows is the availability of each room (each with its own iCal), thus synchronizes reservations, but iCal does not allow the synchronization of other data such as prices, if you wanted to synchronize prices you could use any compatible channel manager your engine of direct reservations (smoobu or syncbnb).

We would love to hear your suggestions.

Are you looking for some functionality that you would like us to add? Do you think that any explanation can be improved? We'd love to hear any suggestion or idea you have, your opinion is very important to us!

Quick guide: booking engine.

In this quick guide you will learn the basics of booking engines.

booking engine

Direct booking engine.

A reservation engine is used to register reservations online, it has many advantages and it is necessary to choose it well to increase direct reservations in hotels, rural houses, tourist apartments, hostels, pensions and camping sites.

Online reservations are becoming more essential every day for travelers who are used to organizing their entire trip themselves, faster and cheaper (without intermediaries).

What is it?

A booking engine is an application used by different types of accommodation, etc. that processes online reservations for rooms, beds, tables, etc. making the payment in full, partial or just indicating the dates and information of the guests. 

There are two parts to an engine: the management area (for setting up, managing, and reviewing reservations) and the customer-facing area, which allows guests to book rooms.

The application can automatically process all online reservations, register them in the system or the company calendar and securely store customer data, as well as provide guests with real-time updates on availability and accommodation rates.

Online booking is considered by most guests to be a convenient and easier solution as they can create their reservation whenever they want rather than waiting to speak to someone on the phone. 

Therefore, companies that use booking engines reap the benefits of a system that allows guests to easily access booking processes without the help of hotel staff or travel agencies. 

As a result, gross income will increase as direct reserves increase.


How does a booking engine work?

You may have already heard that implementing a booking engine for hotels in your small accommodation offers many benefits. But how do these powerful systems really work?

Here is a step-by-step explanation of what happens when you get a booking engine for your hotel, country house, pension, hostel, holiday apartment or other type of accommodation.

 The booking engine is configured with the information, prices and availability of the rooms.

  • Room / bed prices.
  • Available quantity of each type of room.
  • Room descriptions
  • Extra options of each room.
  • Photographs of rooms and nearby tourist areas.
  • Offers.

The guests arrive.

  • After implementing the booking engine, you can allow your guests to make direct online reservations. 
  • Interested guests will visit your site and reserve a room for a specific date based on availability.
  • Booking engines have proven time and time again that direct bookings are increasing for small hotels, cottages and other accommodations.
  • This is because no one wants to have to ask to make a reservation, they want to see and choose without explaining to anyone or wasting time waiting.

Availability is instantly updated on all channels.

  • If you have chosen a booking engine with a channel manager, the availability of the rooms will be synchronize automatically on all channels. 
  • This means that when a guest reserves a room through their website, their availability is instantly updated and OTAs will see that reservation. 
  • This not only saves you time, but also significantly reduces the risk of reserving more rooms than available (overbooking).

Automatic emails are sent.

  • Once the client completes their reservation and availability has been updated through the channel manager, an automatic confirmation email is sent to their guest with all the information they need regarding their reservation. A credit card is usually required, so the purpose of this email is to assure your guests that the reservation was successful.
  • If you have programmed it in your booking engine, another automatic email will be sent before the stay to your guests in the days prior to arrival. The tone of this email should be friendly, showing interest in your business, and looking forward to meeting you.

Review requests and promo codes are submitted.

  • After your guest has finished their stay, an automatic email will be sent to encourage them to leave a review on your website, your social media pages, and popular online travel review sites. 
  • Whether your guest has had a good stay at your hotel or not, you should ask them for feedback later. Ask them if they have any suggestions on how you can improve.
  • You can also send a promotional code with a discount for your next stay in your accommodation, to make the most of each guest's income, the owners of small hotels should try to get recurring reservations.

Reservations from the mobile.

Nowadays, more searches are carried out from the mobile than the PC, so it is very convenient that the booking engine is completely adaptable to mobiles and tablets, with comfortable buttons to press with your fingers and with navigation that is easy to move the fingers on the screen.

There are accommodations that go further and develop a web page specifically optimized for browsing from mobiles, it is a completely different page from your computer version, which contains information similar to the desktop version but in a more compact version, it is Customize for mobile visits, giving them an even better user experience.

Advantages of having your own booking engine.

Having a booking engine with a true integration (without redirects to external websites) has many advantages: 

  • Improves the shopping experience (increasing reservations) 
  • Advantage over their local competitors: they still have no booking engine.
  • Better integration of your website, managing everything directly on your site (your website and your reservation system). 
  • Direct booking offers: many hotels offer incentives for guests who book directly on the hotel website, thus promoting direct bookings and saving astronomical commissions during the year.
  • More productivity: your staff will save time in receiving telephone or e-mail reservations, and they will organize themselves better, since they will be able to consult the occupation online.
  • Valuable statistics: allows you to collect data about guests to improve their services by offering more personalized experiences, in this way you will achieve loyalty to guests, the result will be that you get more positive reviews, more returning guests, and also recommend your hotel.
  • Booking experience: it allows a reservation from its website perfectly integrated, and immediate, with notifications generated by the booking engine itself, improving the impression of your hotel, and increasing the value of your brand.

Synchronization using iCal.

iCal is a tool that allows you to synchronize availability in all your calendars.
For example, suppose you allow room reservations on and Airbnb, iCal can sync both calendars together at the same time. 

This means that if someone reserves a room through, their availability will change on their Airbnb calendar, preventing overbooking and keeping you organized.

The benefits of iCal.

There are many ways that iCal can improve your property. Some of the benefits include:

  • Time saving because you don't have to manually update your availability on all channels, iCal automatically syncs. 
  • Reduce the risk of overbooking, because by synchronizing the availability of your property across all your calendars, your rooms are less likely to overbook.
  • It's free: it won't affect your budget, normally you don't have to pay anything to use iCal technology.

The limitations of iCal.

Although iCal can help your property in many ways, it is not perfect. Here are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Synchronization times may vary. This depends on which platform the guest makes the reservation. For example, if you make a hotel reservation on, this portal could take around two hours for its availability to be blocked on your Airbnb calendar, but it could also take up to 12 hours. However, by manually pressing the sync button on the extranet, you can transfer all your reservations from other channels to your calendar at any time.
  • Synchronize only availability. iCal will update your availability but does not sync reservation details like name and number of guests etc. availability which is the most important data to avoid overbooking if you will synchronize it.
  • It is not intended for hotels with hundreds of rooms, since it would treat rooms of the same type with a different calendar for each one, although it is possible to manage it makes management difficult, iCal can be used by small and medium-sized accommodations, for large hotels (hundreds of rooms) Cal is not the most appropriate connection.

OTAs (online travel agencies).

Today it is necessary to know at least the most powerful OTAs that represent the vast majority of reservations.

4 online travel agencies with a lot of potential., the world's largest accommodation website, has now also expanded its reach into the small accommodation market, which now includes Bed and Breakfasts, vacation rentals, and self-catering apartments.
It is available in more than 40 different languages and offers more than half a million properties in 207 countries.
Every day it receives about 700,000 reservations.
Generates 50% of all online hotel reservations in Europe (Tnooz Source).
A minimum commission of 15% is paid per reservation made, with no monthly fees., which owns,, HomeAway,,, Orbitz, Travelocity, Trivago and Vrbo, among many other brands, is the largest travel agency in the world.
It is very popular in the markets of North America and Asia.
It has more than 200 travel booking sites, more than 150 mobile applications and websites, operates in almost 70 countries and in more than 35 different languages, currently reaching 25 million guests per year.
Commissions per reservation: from 15% to 18% depending on the type of payment.

Airbnb.comAlmost anyone can access this travel website, from air beds in apartments to staying in castles.

Total number of guests: more than 200 million. 200,000,000+
Registered accommodation: more than 3 million.
Countries: 192
Commission: 3% to the owner and 6-12% to the guest.

Agoda: From the Priceline Group, Agoda is one of the fastest growing platforms in the world. It is currently very popular in Asia, especially in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.
It operates in 38 different languages and offers 24-hour multilingual customer service.
Commission: 15%

How to get more direct bookings.

Increasing direct bookings is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks for any hotel business, given the sheer size of the market and the involvement of third-party booking sites, it is becoming increasingly important for hotels to work to maintain balance Adequate between OTA bookings and direct bookings.

Similarly, there is no denying the role of OTAs in obtaining more bookings, however, increasing direct bookings is better for your hotel business because it helps you reduce the high commissions of OTAs. Some recommendations that could help you get more reservations:

Attractive web design.

The website of your hotel plays a crucial role, therefore, it must show very clear information and good images about your accommodation and tourist areas, all shown with attractive visual elements that enhance the brand of your accommodation. It should be easy to navigate and with online or telephone booking options always in view to facilitate immediate booking on all devices: PC, mobile, tablets.

Incorporate a booking engine into the website

Integrating a hotel booking engine on the website allows visitors to your website to view room availability in real time, and is more convenient for guests who want to book immediately and at any time, it will save you work as well They will receive an immediate confirmation of the reservation, allowing them to plan their trip without stress, and avoiding the risk of going to another accommodation than if they offer the reservation online.

Promote positive guest feedback on your website.

Almost all travelers read hotel reviews and the approx 80% considers them extremely important before making a booking decision.

Loyalty to your guests to keep them happy and invite them to leave positive comments strategically on your website or OTAs, these positive reviews may be visible during the process of booking new guests to build confidence.

Attract your website visitor with offers or gifts.

Once visitors are on your website, you can give them compelling reasons to book directly with your hotel, clearly mention the type of benefits they are entitled to if they make direct bookings. 

Some of the rewards that may work include discounts or offering free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, etc.

Grow your presence on OTA comparators.

The 50% approx. of guests who book online use accommodation price comparators to find their ideal hotel, and this trend will increase in the coming years (according to Trivago). The comparators help the travelers to obtain the prices in several OTAs and also in the own website of the accommodation, being able to attract direct bookings.

How to choose the best booking engine for your accommodation.

When it comes to choosing the best online booking engine for your small accommodation, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind beyond price.
From integrations to usability, these are the most important criteria that accommodations should evaluate when choosing the ideal booking engine for their accommodation:

  • Capacity of Local SEO optimization of the accommodation population: what would be the use of all the investment in the booking engine, channel manager, PMS, web design, etc. If you can't find us on Google? So that Google correctly detects your location and can enjoy a good position when they search for it (most booking engines offered in all-in-1 solutions have many limitations that allow a very poor positioning and with excessive confusion for the Google algorithm) .
  • Level of brand personalization in the hotel's web design, since many "all-in-1" services have excessive limitations when designing the hotel's website.
  • Simplicity of the reservation process, if there are many steps to take, a percentage of guests will leave before the end of the reservation, if possible the reservation in a much better step.
  • Multi-language and various currencies to attract foreign guests.
  • Adaptability on mobile devices.
  • Integration of Google Maps.
  • Customizable notifications: confirmation, before arrival, during and after departure.
  • Payment gateway options to facilitate real-time payments directly to your bank account.
    Compatibility with channel managers (iCal, XML or own API connections).
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, and e-commerce tracking so you can analyze direct booking trends.
  • Easy and fast reservation, with a very simple form and the payment methods, preferably all integrated in the same page, so that in a simple step they obtain the reservation confirmation.

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