Web design

Fast, SEO friendly and trustworthy.

* The websites that we create are oriented to sell more.

All sectors.

Did you know that the 75% of Internet users give credibility to a company based on its web design?
Web-page design

 Design modern web pages for businesses focused on increasing customers, all sectors:

Renovation companies.
Builders, plumbing, carpentry
Transportation and removals.
Real estate.
Medical consultations.
and more activities.

Receive: budgets, online payments (manuals).

We study the elements that are working best in your activity.

Optimized with powerful SEO and oriented to increase your customers.

Your ultra fast website.

Faster loading happier visitors more conversions more profitability

 We optimize the loading speed to the maximum. We carry out an advanced and powerful optimization of the web and the hosting server.

 To get your website to have an ultra fast loading speed, improving SEO and user experience.

We get excellent grades in gtmetrix, speed is important because it directly affects the user experience, We use powerful, updated and lightweight tools.

victuria web load

With internal SEO.

They will find you on Google.

For the main activities.

Your business in Google when they search for search phrases with your city or from your city, your business will appear in the search results and in google maps.

Automate your business.

Fully custom forms

We make advanced custom forms to automate any process you need:

Form that allows you to select products or services and automatically calculates the final amount, it also allows you to enter the amount manually and pay.

Accept payments by card, paypal, android pay, google pay, etc.

Conditional options, depending on what they select, some options or others will appear.

Distance calculations between two addresses and automatically calculates the rate.

Email notifications with only text or a pdf with a summary or receipt.

Compatible with: MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, Highrise, Freshbooks, Dropbox, Zapier.

Payment by card with amount entered by the client manually (redsys or stripe)
manual amount payment
Example of a form to pay the amount entered manually by the customer.

* The card payment forms that we make comply with the latest European regulations (SCA).

Compatible with:








and more.

Corporate Website Design

Ready to serve your customers online
  • Modern and intuitive design following the aesthetic trends of your activity, or with the design to your liking
  • Improve the online image of your business, so new customers will have more confidence and you will increase the chances that they will buy from you
  • We add aesthetic elements with calls to action, to encourage visitors to take action
  • Fully compatible on mobile phones and tablets
  • Optionally: secure payment form where your client manually enters the amount to be paid by credit or debit card (with stripe, it complies with the PCI DSS standard)
  • Chat Online (serve your customers instantly from your PC or Mobile)
  • Personalized map of your business
  • Contact or budget form
  • Mandatory cookie message and legislative texts: privacy policy, cookie policy and conditions of sale
  • SSL certificate (secure and private web https, protects data in circulation)
  • Accommodation in ultra-fast SSD disks and daily backup + Domain .com .net or .es
Sell more

Trusted web design for your sector.

Functions for you.

Do you need an automatic appointment system for your medical consultation? Book your restaurant table online? A secure card payment form with the amount entered by your client? Any specific functionality? 

We will make you a custom proposal for your business!


Business web design.

business web 1

100% mobile compatible web design, design oriented to (calls, contacts and budgets), floating forms, pop up budgets, WhatsApp, and all the calls to action necessary to increase sales, attractive and modern elements. We analyze your competitors that work best. Satisfaction Guarantee Included.
Of your property: No Commissions, No Fees, No Fine Print.

Custom options.

Sell to more countries.

  • Automatic translation

    Automatic translation by the google translator api into one or more languages.

  • Manual translation

    Professional translation of the entire website by native translators into any language: English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese ... (the price will be according to the amount of content and languages)

  • Custom functions

    What custom functions do you need? We will calculate a fixed price for you to add all the specific functions needed.

Get more visits (SEO).

  • SEO audit
  • Internal SEO

    It includes the following SEO factors: xml map, 301 redirects, loading speed, h1, h2 tags, internal linking, alt images, friendly urls, rich snippets, gzip compression, specific factors for ecommerce ... and many more factors.

  • External SEO

    Monthly plan tailored to your website, difficulty of key phrases and competition.

  • SEO content

    Reissue of the content of your website optimizing it for the selected key phrases.

  • SEO content creation

    Creation of SEO optimized content, for the key phrases that we have studied and agreed (price according to the amount of content, frequency of publication and degree of specialization).

How to order your website?

◼ Delivery term: 5 days, depending on the complexity and fluidity with which you send us the content.


Tell us all the functions you need on the web and we will calculate the price for you.
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We started

If you accept it, you must make the payment of the 50% and we immediately begin to create your website. You can indicate several websites that you like.
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You send us photos, descriptions of all your services, what you want to highlight, etc. * We make unlimited modifications until your total satisfaction.
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Once satisfied: final payment (remaining 50%), we deliver it to you finished and configured (ready and working).

Satisfaction guarantee.

Unlimited reviews until your complete satisfaction.

guarantee web design

✔ Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, you can ask us for all the revisions you consider until completion (unlimited changes until your total satisfaction).

✔ If you tell us your ideas, we transform them into an easy website for your clients

Why do we offer you satisfaction guarantee?

Why if we do: 

  1. You will grow your business.
  2. You will speak well of us.
  3. You will ask for more services.
✔ TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Clear prices, easy to understand and with everything included.

Frequently asked questions (business web design).

  • We have everything very optimized and we reduce service costs to the maximum.
  • Our teams of specialists avoid having a workplace with high rents.
  • We like to offer powerful services for passionate small businesses on a budget.
  • We enjoy our time doing what we do, and we don't mind giving a little more, for less.
  • We are passionate experts.

From the moment you confirm the order until we deliver your finished website, we normally take between 5 and 10 business days, usually faster, this period may be altered depending on the fluidity with which you send us the content and the revisions that you request.

Web design:

If you decide to choose your design, you can tell us 2 or 3 web pages that you like, with these references and your instructions we will make your design to measure.

Web functions:

You can tell us what functions you need and we will implement them, without any complications for you.

Yes, very easy, we leave it configured to receive the forms by email and everything you need.

We can calculate a monthly plan for you with everything included, contact us and we will be happy to calculate it and explain it to you, so you can decide better.

The web for your business, we do it in WordPress (latest version), it is the most efficient system for optimization Local SEO, in addition to the extraordinary potential to implement any functionality you need.

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