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 Most websites do not have internal SEO or have it poorly applied, so Google reads the content poorly and it is impossible to position it well.

The low-quality or very basic internal SEO makes it difficult for Google's search algorithm to read your website and confuses it when trying to classify the relevance of each url for a given key phrase, it is like putting a brake on your website in the process of rise of positions in the ranking.

We apply the latest and most advanced internal SEO techniques, so Google's algorithm will read your website perfectly and improve the position continuously for the most profitable searches. We also take the speed of the web very seriously, that's why we optimize both the web and our servers.

User Experience.

Trying to make the user happy is SEO.

◼ The RankBrain of Google (machine learning algorithm subsystem based on artificial intelligence): It focuses on behavioral metrics, such as bounce rate (users who leave), organic CTR, pages visited per session, time spent, etc. 

RankBrain informs Google if visitors enjoy browsing your website.

◼ We make a good web design oriented to conversions with all the necessary elements to increase the sales of your business, so that the arriving users have a good user experience, as well your customers will be satisfied and Google will know.

We take care of the modernization and improvement of your website, without any stress for you, with the latest elements of usability and increased conversions, so that your clients do not go to your competition, start to gain ground to your competition!

SEO types.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO: Technical parameters that affect search engine visibility, the main objective is to ensure that search engine crawlers can crawle and index the web without problems.

Optimize robots.txt.
Use ssl (encryption).
Optimize urls structure.
Adaptable on mobiles.
Loading speed
Prevent duplicate content (canonical links).
XML sitemaps.
Structured data.
Google search console

SEO On Page

 SEO On-page: Make the web understandable for search engines.

Optimize page titles.
Optimize H1 tags
Optimize sub headers H2, H3.
Page format (visually appealing content)
Internal Linked
Meta descriptions

Content SEO

 Content SEO: It is a subset of on-page SEO. Being a success factor in SEO, it is considered by many to be another type of SEO.

Content quality and how to improve it.
Publishing content that users like and that Google can understand is the winning combination.
Use long-tail keywords
Enough content for users to find what they are looking for and Google's algorithm has enough context to understand the content.
Link to other good quality websites related to the content.
Structured data (schemas).

SEO Off Page

 SEO off-page: all aspects related to the promotion, while the other types of SEO focus on technical aspects and content.

Link building: it is the most popular and effective off-page SEO technique, it is the process to obtain SEO backlinks from other websites.

For years the most popular ways to add links have been unnatural today: blog directories, signatures in forums, link in comments, article directories, share in directories, link exchange, & #8230; (These aritifical ways can cause google penalties instead of uploading positions).

Quality content is linked naturally, reducing the effort to get links through other less natural and risky ways. 

Brand promotion: Google likes to position known brands in its results because people believe them (social network discussions and forums). Google often rewards brands that people talk about the most.

Local SEO

 Local SEO: It is the type of seo for businesses looking to get customers who visit your local, all the previous SEO types are valid, adding the following factors:

 Local business scheme.
Google my business account.
 Register the business in directories with credibility.
 Promote the business website in local directories or newspapers.

SEO Mobile

 SEO for mobile: It is a specific SEO subtype for mobile searches. Today more than 60% searches are already from the mobile phone, so Google implemented the tracking system «Mobile-first index» that prioritizes the content of the mobile version and analyzes good usability practices in mobile.

 Local business scheme.
Google my business account.
 Register the business in directories with credibility.
 Promote the business website in local directories or newspapers.

SEO eCommerce

 SEO eCommerce: Search engine optimization an online store is more complex than a corporate website or blog.

The most important factors in SEO eCommerce are:

 Start by optimizing the homepage and category pages, you have to start with these two types of page before moving on to optimizing product pages.
Optimize product pages according to the keyword study carried out.
 Optimize all visual elements (images, videos).
 Add the necessary schemas (products, offers, etc.)
 Promote your store in social networks.
 Think of creative ways for people to link product pages.
 Start a blog and publish content related to the products and how they can help solve people's problems.

Google Ads optimization.

Regardless of the size of your business.

We opotimize advertising campaigns in Google ads with the aim of reducing the Google Ads bill and in going for the visitors most likely to buy.

For businesses no matter how small your business is, with very flexible rates.

Our goal is that your business achieves a good ROI (return on investment) with quality traffic (high probability of purchase) and optimizing the price of each click (cost savings in campaigns).


Immediate visibility, start receiving visits on your website.

Visible and optimized campaigns to maximize the profitability of each click.

Market study, evaluation of your competition and choice of more profitable key phrases for your business (clicks with high probability of purchase and looking to optimize the price per click).

Mobile campaigns with control and call reports.

We know the most competitive sectors.
Without any contract of permanence.

Total freedom and flexibility when publishing your campaigns in the busiest months in your sector.

We know that you want to get results (contacts and sales), the goal is that your advertising spending becomes an investment that brings benefits to your business.

Call from the ad, geolocation of the ad.

First positions in Google, your company at the top will get clicks above your competitors.

Ads in Google Ads.

Optimization of Google Ads campaigns (small and medium businesses).

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